Tai Chi Mathematics

Tai Chi Mathematics is a revolutionary way of teaching children mathematics. It is based on a premise that daily practice of the “spirit” of a skill can lead to application of the skill at a crucial moment. In Tai Chi Mathematics I the student is taught the relationship between their body, mind, and spirit by modeling mathematical functions. Tai Chi Mathematics is stand up learning which later transforms itself to experiential under-standing of complex phenomena. It recognizes the wholesome connect-ions between kinesthetic modeling and visual learning.

In Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate Fist/Way) the martial artists stays physically healthy by slowly moving from one martial pose to another while at the same time controlling his/her breath rate. The essence of Tai Chi is demonstrated when the body and breath move as one, massaging various joints, muscles and internal organs of liver, spleen, and kidney. Mental imagery usually is associated with Tai Chi for as the advanced student goes through the movements and sees him self defending physical onslaught attacks made all around his perimeter. The more advanced students does not even “see” an attacker. Instead he only sees him/herself moving, breathing and manipulating a form of universal energy known as “chi”. As a result, without too much effort, any attacker is catapulted hundreds of yards away.

In Tai Chi Mathematics, the student is taught to model mathematical functions linked together in a sequence which makes learning a journey which benefits the body, mind and spirit. Through practicing Tai Chi Mathematics at an early age year after year as an integral part of the course, the student begins to internalize the concepts of stretch, shrink, expand, squeeze, open, full, and empty in transforming functions and solving equations with their whole body mind and spirit. Students who learn Tai Chi Mathematics repeatedly perform better on written exams because they have fed their intuitive mind the mathematical food needed to recognize functions without having to even use a calculator.